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Instructions for Patients Having Surgery

Before Surgery:

  1. When prescribed by Dr. Faryniarz, arrange to have pre-operative testing done at least 2 weeks before surgery at your medical doctor’s office or an outpatient laboratory.
  2. Please make sure that the results are faxed to (408) 371-6351 prior to your surgery date. If the results are not received in a timely manner, your surgery may have to be postponed.
  3. Discontinue taking any aspirin-like products (i.e. Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Celebrex) 7 days prior to surgery. You may take Tylenol or Vicodin up to the day of surgery.
  4. If your surgery requires post-operative equipment such as crutches, braces, or ice machines, our office will order these products for you as a service. Patient will be responsible for any balance not covered by your insurance. They will either be delivered to your home or directly to the operating room.
  5. If your surgery is outpatient, arrange for someone to drive you home the day of surgery.
  6. The surgery center or hospital will call you the afternoon before surgery to confirm your surgical and medical information.
  7. No eating or drinking after midnight the night before surgery.

Day of Surgery:

  1. Remember- No breakfast or drinks in the morning!
  2. Take all prescription medicines the morning of surgery with only a sip of water, unless otherwise instructed by your medical doctor.
  3. Report to the surgery center one hour prior to surgery; if your surgery is at Good Samaritan Hospital report two hours prior.
  4. Bring all braces, crutches, and icing machines that may have been delivered to your house.
  5. Your driver should accompany you at the time of check-in or be able to be reached by phone.

After Surgery:

  1. Following surgery, you will be in the recovery room for approximately one hour.
  2. Dr. Faryniarz will talk with you and your family members after surgery.
  3. Review your post-operative instructions for specific questions regarding bracing, ice therapy, medications, wound care, activity, or any other concerns.
  4. For more information regarding your condition, surgery, post-operative instructions and rehabilitation, please visit www.Shoulder2Knee.com.
  5. Dr. Faryniarz will call you the day following your surgery to address any concerns and to discuss your findings at surgery; if you have questions or concerns that arise before she calls, you may call the office at (408) 559-3888. After hours, there is always an alternate number to reach Dr. Faryniarz or the covering physician.