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Meniscal Repair Instructions

Brace: Should be locked at 15 degrees with toe-touch weight bearing with crutches (usually 4 weeks) with progressive bending as directed by Dr. Faryniarz and your PT.


  • Apply an ice pack or Game Ready icing machine to the knee as often as possible for the first 3-7 days to reduce pain and swelling. You may ice as often as 30 minutes every hour but not less than 3x/day. If using Game Ready, use the no pressure or low pressure setting.


  • Pain medication is injected into the joint during surgery and will wear off within 8-12 hrs.
  • Most patients require a narcotic (i.e. Percocet or Vicodin) for a short period of time. Please follow the prescription directions.
  • Common side effects of pain medications include drowsiness, nausea, and constipation. To minimize side effects, take medications with food. You may take an over-the-counter laxative (i.e. Colace) if needed. Do not drive or operate any machinery while on narcotics.
  • You may take anti-inflammatory medication (400 mg Motrin/Advil) between doses of narcotics to help control pain. Take with food to avoid stomach upset. Do not take if you have a history of ulcers.
  • If you experiencing any problems or uncomfortable side effects, please contact our office.

Wound Care

  • Remove the dressing, but not the Steri-strips, two days after surgery. You may cover the wound with Bandaids if any drainage is present. It is normal to have some drainage and swelling after surgery. If the dressing becomes soaked, you may reinforce it with additional dressing.
  • Avoid any ointments around the incisions.
  • Keep wounds clean and dry for the first 5 days. If you wish to shower during this time, cover your knee/leg with a large plastic bag or take a sponge bath. After 5 days, you may shower, but do not soak in a bathtub or hot tub until after the first post-op visit.
  • Your post-op appointment is on your surgery instruction sheet (usually 7-14 days after your surgery). If you need to reschedule, please call my assistant at (408) 559-3888.
  • If you develop a fever (temperature > 101.5), excessive drainage, redness around the incision, increased pain or numbness in your arm, or difficulty breathing notify Dr. Faryniarz at (408) 559-3888.


  • You should start physical therapy the first week after your surgery. Please call our office if have not received an appointment or physical therapy prescription.
  • No driving is allowed until instructed by Dr. Faryniarz.
  • If pain permits, you may return to (sedentary) work or school 3-4 days after surgery as long as you can keep your leg elevated (foot above knee and knee above hip).
  • Elevate operative leg to chest level whenever possible to reduce swelling.
  • Do not engage in activities which increase knee pain or swelling for the first 10 days after surgery.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting (without leg elevated) or long distance travel for 2 weeks.